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I am using open office and I have a document that is around 500 pages. Well I was working as usual and I went to cut and paste something when suddenly the document expanded to 1008 pages. It took about 20 seconds and I just watched the page count increase, kind of nervously.

Anyways my work is still there but there is also work that I erased long, long ago, which is why the pages are so many I think.

But the main issue is I can't work any longer, because it will bounce me around randomly from like page 607 to page 184.

There has always has been a problem where if I was reading, it would sometimes revert to the last page I made changes at and then I would have to go back and find where I was.

Well I could deal with that problem but now I can't work in open office anymore. there is another problem I posted about here like a month ago, where ODT documents would suddenly stop saving. I just had to save them as a doc. document instead and it has been working ok.

but now I'm really messed up and I just want to say open office has been a nightmare.

But the main point of this thread is, can anyone suggest what I should do about my current situation, of having a thousand pages and no way to get around the document?

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