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whenever i'm using iTunes, and after a few songs have been playing, and i change track, i occasionally get a BBOD for a few seconds - then the media continues playing. it never crashes, just seems to hang for a few seconds.

ive tried it with many songs, in AIFF, WAV, MP3 & AAC/M4a format - and with the same song, it doesn't seem to happen with one format or one song. sometimes it'll happen with a song, then when i re-start that song, or go to another, keep it playing for a few songs, then go back to that song - i don't get any problems.

my system is: OSX 10.6.4, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 500 GB HDD @ 7200rpm (60% free), new MBP with black keys.

it seems to be some sort of disk access thing, but i can't figure out how. Activity Monitor doesn't flag anything up as hogging RAM or CPU, this has happened ever since i got my MBP with Snow Leopard, it has happened with every update of iTunes & OSX i have had, i don't have any other apps running or disks plugged in, i don't have the problem with any other apps and the disk has been verified as OK by ONYX.

like i say, its not every time i skip a song, but just occasionally.

little help?
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