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Firstly, repair permissions again, but use OnyX 1.5.3 from Titanium Software.

I take it that you're trying to open AWks from scratch, rather than opening an existing AW file. If so, it reads like there's been a corruption to the install process. Have you tried uninstalling and then reinstalling AWks? If no, and you decide to try it, remove ALL AWks files by using a third-party uninstaller like AppCleaner or AppZapper or CleanApp.

Screenshot: it will save as Picture 1, Picture 2 and so on, and the default location is Desktop. Use Cmd-F to search, using the keyword 'Picture'. Can you see the full desktop on the eMac? You shouldn't need to go to a 'folder'.

The last Quicktime for Panther is 7.5, but I don't think it's a factor in the AWks scenario. AcRdr 5 is, I believe, the last for Panther, and again, I don't think it's involved in the problem. Do both those apps open and work okay?

Last: if the software problems continue, consider using the Panther Disk 1 to boot, and run Disk Utility > First Aid to verify the hard drive. I don't think there's a hardware problem, but it won't hurt to check.

Please post your Mac (or other) specs and MacOS version in your post, your profile or your signature. It helps us to help you better.

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