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Originally Posted by J.Fo View Post
When you say "nicer" here, I'm assuming you mean a higher density screen.

With all products such as this, there are certain engineering and costs decisions that have to be made. Apple had very aggressive pricing goals with the iPad. Putting a screen with the same pixel density as the iPhone 4 would likely have pushed the cost of the device above the company's target, making it far too expensive for many people. A higher resolution screen would also require more horsepower, which the A4 chip may not have yet. (That's an assumption on my part and not necessarily a fact.) It could also be a drain on battery life, pushing the total number of hours well below the current 10. All this and more could have contributed to the screen that was used.

As it stands, I will side with those who say the screen is one of its strongest features. Most desktop and laptop computers don't boast a display as nice as this. That is definitely saying something.

I completely understand what you're saying and I agree - but to an extent.

I know that phone manufacturers like Apple don't want to have a million different versions of the same device, but for years now I've been unable to comprehend why manufacturers don't create truly premium versions of their devices.

Especially for Apple, where its products are premium-priced already and I'm sure a significant portion of its devoted customer base is affluent, they could probably do quite well by offering a premium iPad with a very pixel dense display and even more RAM - not storage, but system RAM.

Blackberry is the worst at this, as most of their devices (at least back when I was using them two years ago) had only 64mb of RAM and this truly crippled the devices.

With how dirt cheap memory has become, it is unacceptable that RIM & other mobile phone companies don't put more in the phones - again, even if it means creating a "premium" device that gets offered alongside the "mainstream" device.

I realize adding more memory to the iPad is a slightly different feat as RAM is incorporated in the A4 processor, but still....I think they can and should do it.
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