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Am working on my parents' eMac. Running 10.3.9; just repaired permissions. (1) Appleworks 6.2.9 installs, opens to the point of getting File, Edit, etc, headers, but then hangs endlessly; dial spins, have to force quit. I have QckTime 7.4.5 installed & Acrobat Reader 4.0. Ideas on why Appleworks won't work? (2) When I take a screen snapshot w/ Comm-Shft-4, the "shutter" goes clunk, but I have no idea where the picture goes. When I try to open the Desktop folder (where I believe the pic should go), I get a message "Can't open. You don't have permission." There is only one account set up; the Admin. I can go anywhere else. Quite lost here. Thanks. john
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