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Originally Posted by fishyhell
What's your progress been on getting them to fix it? I've raised **** with them on the phone and no luck. I resortedd to call my mother in on it. It's a pain in teh *** that they don't take you seriously if you sound the least bit young.
In the link I posted, I explained how I got the machine back with a new LCD.

I learned from years of experience that most Customer Service people are not interested in your problem-- they're interested in getting you off the phone. The key is to remain calm, don't get angry, and explain that you paid a lot of money for one of their products and you are very unsatisfied. If you need to, call every day or several times a day: they may fix your problem just to get you off their hands.

If there's an Apple Store near you, you could do what I was planning on doing if they wouldn't fix my problem: go to the store on a busy weekend afternoon, set your computer up next to the display where the new machines are, and start using the computer. When people approach, explain calmly that this is what Apple calls an "acceptable" display. You will get the attention of the manager this way-- if you're young they may view you as a troublemaker, so bring your mom if you have to. Don't make a scene, just be calm.

This is an extreme example, but there's episode of This American Life that's a real eye-opener: it's the story of people who will press customer service people to the point where they'll get whatever they want, whether they deserve it or not. The scary thing is that I know more than a few people exactly like the lady in the Burberry's scenario. Follow this link and look for the episode called "Suckers." I do not condone any of the techniques used here, but be aware that people actually do this.

Good luck.
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