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Originally Posted by BenB View Post
Final Cut will NOT edit with a drive of any format but Mac OS Extended (not journaled). USB is not enough sustained data rate for video editing, either. Final Cut does not support USB drives at all, that alone is asking for major headaches.

Again, Final Cut will NOT edit on an NTFS drive AT ALL! You simply can't physically do it.

You'll need a Firewire 800, 7200rpm, Mac OS Extended, non-journaled drive to edit with in Final Cut, nothing else will work, period.

Move your data to the proper drive, and you'll be fine. Check Other World Computing for great, durable drives at good prices, and top notch tech support.
I know I am responding to an old post but I have some dissagreement. Pretty harsh and stern stance from the writer. First, I don't know about the issue of the NTFS issue and editing from FCP. Given my understanding, or lack thereof, of the format and it's limitation, I will give you the fact that you may not be able to edit using it. However, the issue about USB drives is flat out wrong. It may be better for speed "Sustained Data Rate" etc. to use Firewire but to say that "Again, Final Cut will NOT edit " and "Final Cut does not support USB drives at all" or "nothing else will work, period." is plain wrong.

I use USB drives all the time. I have used them extensively for over 2 years now and have never had a major issue. I have had no issue until upgrading to the newest Final Cut Studio. Now I am always confronted with a message, not about USB but about using Fat 32. Also, I occasionally, more often now than before, am getting drop frame warnings when playing back my video. It may slow me down a little but it doesn't stop me from editing my programs and DOES NOT effect my final result. If I were printing to tape, or playing the video out of my computer into a recorder it might be a problem. However, I always export my finished projects to Quicktime files or DVD files through Export, Share or Compressor. In those cases, I do not notice any issues with using USB drives with my FCP work. Other than MAYBE some speed issues with processing. Definitely, given a choice, I would use a Firewire drive and usually have with the larger My Book drives. However, they have always been large, cumbersome NOT PORTABLE etc. Recently I found the iOmega portable drives that have Firewire and USB and bought a couple of those. 500gig and available at Bestbuy for about $120. Good value, Firewire, as small as the WD Passports and made of metal and possibly more durable. Given a choice now, you can see what I would choose but to say that you CAN NOT edit with a USB drive is incorrect.
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