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I know Fishy and that really sucks but put it this way, sounding like a WOMAN because you are ONE is even worse. I understand that some people that call support are total jerks who need to be asked whether the power is on in the the rest of the house, whether the computer is connected to the wall socket and whether a battery is within it, BUT in my case they happen to be talking to someone who spent 4 years IT consulting across geographies, designing, building and testing Oracle databases among many other things and therefore I can eliminate very many issues myself before I pick up the phone (and decide to sit and wait for 15 minutes at least!). Don't be disheartened, but, yes, get your mum or dad or anyone to shout at them because I never heard of such nonsense regarding the screen AND we have pretty much gathered on here that you probably kept your iBook short of in a shrine ever since you've had it and therefore they should repair it free of charge.

Having said that, should you have no luck at all with them, I think you probably already hold the skills that will allow you to safely repair the iBook yourself, despite your understandable apprehension in thinking of doing so. You probably just worked on desktops so far and feel like a laptop is a completely different breed while in reality, it's just the skin that is different, you will quickly recognise the insides! It isn't a myth that the younger the guy the better he is at fixing his own (and others'!) equipment, it's a fact.

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