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Originally Posted by caribiner23
Talk to someone at AppleCare (you're still under warranty) and make noise. Demand to speak to someone with some decision-making power. Explain that this was not your fault and the machine never left your possession, essentially what you just told us. You have a machine that's under warranty and it is unacceptable to you that it's in this condition. Tell them that.

Better yet, if you have an Apple Store nearby, go in and speak with a manager.

After my experience with iBook screen problems I have to agree with the first part of this statement. In all fairness to Apple, though, I would not consider an iPod with a dent to have a problem with manufacturing or design.
What's your progress been on getting them to fix it? I've raised **** with them on the phone and no luck. I resortedd to call my mother in on it. It's a pain in teh *** that they don't take you seriously if you sound the least bit young.

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