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Originally Posted by XJ-linux View Post
OK, two quick questions for those who have been running Android OS phones for a few months...
  • I'm looking around for a replacement for my 3G iPhone. If the 4G doesn't come out on Verizon or another carrier that has excellent service in Minneapolis, I'm bailing. Enough said there. Since AIX doesn't run on smart phones, my next candidate for replacement is a Linux or Android OS handset. So, the question for this issue is... who is running an Android OS handset and syncing it with their OS X 10.6.x Mac? Specifically, how do your "MobileMe-esque" services perform in the real world? iCal, Bookmarks, Notes and Mail are the only ones I use so music and video syncing don't matter in this case. I'm even willing to part with some cash for Missing-Sync type software if someone can confirm that it works well for them. I'd like again to hear from actual users and not the "my friend has one and it sux/kicks butt" crowd. Information about Outlook/Exchange syncing would be nice, but not required as I have an on call Blackberry for when I'm paid to care about work email after hours. Currently, I'm leaning towards the Nexus One or Incredible handsets, but I'm open to some of the "2nd tier" handsets like the Eris and Hero. I have no need for slide out keyboards.

Thanks all and have a very happy and safe Memorial Day weekend.

DAVE: Did you get any feedback, and/or results of your own experimentation, regarding your second question above? I am trying to find out exactly that right now: how well the various syncing options work b/n an Android-OS phone and a Mac (Macbook, specifically) -- Mac's own onboard program (Sync?) via USB; ditto via MobileMe; Google sync (though I prefer not to have to switch away from iCal / MacAddressbook and into Google's own versions); MissingSync; and any other options I don't know about... I share your preference for actual, real-world experiences...
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