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Originally Posted by MacJenny View Post
When you say you saved your iPhone files, do you mean the Application files stored under iTunes?
I would have to look... but I think so. The folder that has the backup folder and other sync folders... but also some folders in another location of the computer as well. I haven't uploaded these saved folders to my wife's computer though. I just hooked up the phone and backed it up and then restored it with the new phone and my apps and songs are gone. The songs make sense because they aren't on my wife's computer, so I guess the apps make sense as well. I'm guessing that I need to sign in to my iTunes account on her computer and download all the games to my new 3GS and then restore again and my saved games will be there?

Also, I'm guessing I can't completely revert back to 3.1.2. I was hoping to make my phone unlockable. Oh well.

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