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Originally Posted by MYmacROX View Post
Just dragging the folder to the trash is not sufficient. These are the instructions from the link provided:
Microsoft Office 2004 and 2008
To find the Remove Office tools, open the Microsoft Office 2004 folder or the Microsoft Office 2008 folder, and then open the Additional Tools folder.

For instructions, read the Read Me file in the Remove Office folder.

When you run Remove Office, it will allow you to remove installations of Microsoft Office 98 through 2008 as well as related preferences and system files. Once you have run the program, it places the removed Office components in the Trash.

There is an actual "tool" you have to run to fully uninstall MS Office.

Note, it is a violation of the EULA to borrow your friend's software and install it on your machine. They have trial versions on the respective websites for you to do just that. Sharing licenses is not legal and we don't discuss such activity on the forums. Ok? - Announcements in Forum : News and Community Announcements

You've only been using OSX for a week or two. It'll probably take a good month or more to really get familiar with all the ins-and-outs. But sounds like you have the basics already down. You'll get there.
Don't forget to visit Apple's support page on their website for tips and tutorials for switchers and Mac OSX basics.
Not if it's one of the multi-license copies it isn't.
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