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Hello All,
I've been a pc user for almost 25 years now. Last week I purchased a new MacPro Notebook (on impulse), and I'm liking it, but I am struggling in finding my ways around the MacPro.. can someone point me in the right direction on ..

1) How to change the network working group? Currently, the default is WORKGROUP. The reason i am asking is because my other pc's are under a different working group and I don't want to change the macpro working group name.

2) I installed MSOffice 2008 mac version and i want to uninstall it. How do you uninstall?

3) How do you use the time capsule?

4) In PC there's a SYSTEM RESTORE POINT. How do you create a system restore point in MacPro notebook.

Thanks in advance..and thanks for your patience

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