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The Macbook is from 2006 and it no longer has a warranty. I took it apart again today hoping that I would see something out of the ordinary. There was nothing noticeably wrong with it. I did make sure that when I closed everything back up that it was put together correctly. I was hoping that perhaps the top case had been put on incorrectly and was applying pressure to the cable or affecting it in someway to cause a fault in the connection.

I did take it to the Genius Bar but I was unsatisfied with them. They did not even look at it and simply told me that the hard drive was bad. I tried to let them know that the hard drive was fine and did not make any strange clicking noises and that you could hear it start up fine every time the computer started but they did not seem interested in my information. I decided to do as they said and I went and bought a brand new hard drive but it had the same issue as mine.

The only thing that has seemed to limit the amount of freezes is disabling the SMS through terminal. I have not had any freezes in the last 10 minutes and that is a record . Is it possible that the SMS has malfunctioned and turns the hard drive off randomly?

I figured that it was a long shot for the logic board to only have a malfunction with the hard drive connection but I have seen stranger things happen and I am sure you have as well. Thanks for all of the help.
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