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Yes it does appear that something is wrong with the connection between the hard drive and the cable to the logic board. I replaced the cable with a new one and it did not solve the problem. I also have tried other hard drives and that did not help either. All of the connections look good as far as I can tell but it seems like I am missing something. You are correct that the obvious solution would be the hard drive or the cable to the logic board. Is it possible that the logic board is bad? The odd thing is that it works great with the external. The other odd thing is that sometimes the hard drive will disappear which leads me to the connection once again. I think that it has to be the connection that is causing the freezes. However, I am not sure how to mend the situation. I think that the computer will start up from the hard drive and then the connection will lose sight of the hard drive and this causes the freezing. Thoughts?
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