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Originally Posted by DavidHH View Post
I have also just wrestled with developing a good backup strategy but have finally got to a solution that feels comfortable.

You say that you don't plan to add supplemental backup of your Macbook and quote only a natural disaster as a potential issue. You forgot about burglary, fire and water damage to your house/apartment and all of its contents (especially burglary). Give some consideration to an "off-site" clone copy of your data or if you do not have a lot of data think about "cloud storage" as an alternative.

Would you mind sharing your backup scheme?

Thats true. But I was also thinking of securing my time capsule in something that would be locked. Since the router will be only servicing my dorm, it should create any huge problems with the wireless N. So theft is almost definitely out of the picture. I just don't see such an elaborate heist happening in college. It would be more like a quick snatch of a macbook. Still, I may use an online backup...but far less frequently than my other solutions.
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