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The main thing that I use Windows for on my Macbook Pro 13 is for gaming. I have been having a problem recently where my games go extremely slowly after about 15 mins and have to be minimised for about 5 mins before they will work properly again. I used PC Wizard 2009 to display the temperatures and fan speeds of my computer and I discovered that my games stop working properly after the Graphics card temperature goes over 90˚C. PC wizard is also showing that the exhaust fan is not revving up above 2000rpm however hot the computer gets. I know that the base speed for the fan is 2000rpm as this is what istat pro shows under OSX when the computer is at idle. When I play games under OSX the fan revs up to about 3500rpm - 4000rpm when the CPU starts to get hot. Is the fan not speeding up a fault in Bootcamp or is there a problem with my hardware / drivers?
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