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Hi guys, so I think I just made my macbook useless

I switched to mac like...2 months ago and I was very happy and stuff, but I wanted to run some applications (like FL studio) that mac doesnt support.

I took my copy of windows 7 and started the bootcamp assistant.

Now the real problem. After selecting my partition, lenguage, etc a window appeared that said:

Copying Windows Files
Expanding Windows Files
Installing stuff
Stuff *final step*

When it reached the final step it said "Setup will continue after restart". But after restart nothing happened...I get a black screen for hours and nothing else happens. windows cd still there and I cant find the way to restart and go to mac. Everytime I restart a white screen appears and then a black screen appears and nothing else.

what to do? Is there something like a manual cd ejection? Or I am plain screwed?

Any help will be greatly appreciated

(Sorry for my grammar-bad english)

EDIT: And yes, I just read that "Bootcamp (save yourself hours....)" thread and yes, I totally deserve this.
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