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Iím hoping you can help with these migration issues. Iím using a macbook pro:
1. how does one change the sound for various functions, such as emptying trash, sent mail, etc.? If an additional software tool is needed, which one is best?
2. if one uses animated mouse pointers in windows, can those also be used in Mac apps? Is there a program that needs to be installed for them to work?
3. is there an app which allows one to control the bass and treble on the mac book pro, outside of itunes?
4. in windows, it is necessary to clean out oneís temporary files and run defrag routines, etc. whatís a good app for that, or is it necessary on the mac?
5. is there a way to tile or cascade oneís open windows? Expose is giving me a bit of a challenge regarding configuring it.
6. is there a recommended reference manual for technical users migrating from windows to mac?
7. what is the best way to change the icons used for folders and files?
8. what are the key combinations for ďhomeĒ and ďendĒ Those keys are not present on the macbook pro
9. is there an extended clipboard manager you can recommend? Clipmate doesnít yet run on the mac and Copy/Paste Pro limits the number of items per archive collection, and doesn't allow the collection of images apparently, based on their overview videos.

many thanks in advance
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