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Originally Posted by ipodmacfan View Post
You clearly missed my point...they were more ripping off than competing.
I can kind of understand your point about the copying but usually consumers can tell who is the one innovating and who is the wannabe copycat. That is part of the reason why we all don't buy knockoff copycat products. If it was exactly the same then I can see your point but as others have mentioned part of advancement is trying to improve upon a good idea. The competition makes Apple and it's competitors improve their products.

If Google were releasing exact clones of every Apple product then I can also see your point but Apple products are not perfect and there are things about their products that can be improved upon. You also make it sound as if Google's only projects are the same as Apple's. Some of them happen to be the same as Apple's while their other projects aren't. Google seems to want a piece of every market out there and be this super giant come to me for everything company.

As mentioned by someone else Apple's TV isn't Apple greatest shining moment and if Google can improve upon the idea then so much the better. Also if something is in demand then other companies are going to try to tap into that market and improve upon what is already there. Like I said earlier customers usually can tell who the copycat is and who actually innovates and improves their products.
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