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It seems like Google are now DELIBERATELY trying to compete with Apple...I mean...

Apple - Mac OS X
Google - Chromium OS

Apple - iPhone
Google - Nexus One (and other Android phones)

Apple - iPad
Google - Upcoming Android tablet (probably going to be made with their best friends, Nvidia, Adobe, HTC and the like), plus other Android tablets

Apple - Apple TV
Google - Google TV

Apple - iTunes
Google - Upcoming Web-Based iTunes competitor

I think it was fine right up the TV thing...that was just a blatant attack at the Apple TV's market.
Bear in mind a few years ago (around when the first iPhone came out), a lot of these didn't exist, and Google were good friends of Apple...
Sure, Google are out there to make money, and most of the products they launched are actually pretty good, but all of these products are basically Google clones of Apple products...there's little innovation involved.

What next...a Google MP3 player to compete in the iPod Nano's market?

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