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Hi guys

I have to say on seeing this post and experiencing pretty much the same problem, it prompted me to sign up and make this comment.

Basically I got my MBP 5 days ago. Uploaded my music, pics etc and all of a sudden heard a weird noise. I couldn't make sense of it, the noise was only brief but I was sure it was dialog in some kind of language.

Anyway I thought nothing of it and didn't hear anything for the rest of the day.

Next day - I hear a noise again.. definitely english this time! like a snipped of something. I started searching and found very few posts but someone said they heard something which sounded chinese.. which was kind of what I have been experiencing. I saw the same kind of possible solutions for this.. software to scan etc, I have tried a few of these and have ziltch spyware / viruses on my mac according to them.

(Let me be clear - these noises last around 2 seconds max, then wont come back maybe all day - maybe 30 mins later for another 2-4 seconds).

The latest development was just before typing this comment I heard another voice coming from my MBP - this was definitely english and said something about 'news' - this was immediately followed again by another 2 second interval of talking.

It seems to me as if my MBP is 'tuning' into something..?
Either way its extremely annoying and seems to be getting more frequent. The last thing I want to do is send it back after all the time spent on uploading and customising. I just wanted to make people aware with this problem that your not alone and its very confusing and worrying!

Any thoughts would be appreciated
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