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Originally Posted by chscag View Post
It's called a "Spudger" and you can buy a set from the guys at the ifixit web site. LINK

BTW, you don't need a Spudger to open an iPod if you're careful. I just serviced an older iPod Mini without using one. What I did was use an Exacto razor blade to gently break through the seal around the top and bottom of the iPod. Then use a small screwdriver to wedge around and push the top off. Same with the bottom. Top and bottom have a sticky but removable glue as a seal to keep them in place.

Anyway, just follow the guides on the ifixit site and good luck with the repair.

Thanks, I'll take a look at ifixit. Hers is the newest ipod touch, and I don't know if you should bother opening it up, and make up a story of the Apple store to see if they take it, or open it up and try to clean it up, then take it into them. It has been water-logged for about a few days now, she has been out of state and I haven't been able to get it from her until today. So what would you do in my position, like is there something I could do to fix it? One thing she's worried about is getting the apps and music she bought directly on there that aren't on our computer at home.

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