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Thanks for your help. But I actually figured out a way to make it work...

The problem was airport extreme, and not the iPhone.

If you're interested.... I am running an older macbook pro... with os x 10.4.11 and an airport extreme (model a1143).

I decided to try to make the wifi system work with an older airport express I had. After some putzing, that did the trick... and my laptop, apple tv, and iphone all connected via wifi with airport express.

Then I took my airport extreme, and did a factory reset, but I joined the pre-existing wifi network that I'd created with the airport express.

It worked. The only thing that I can tell that is different is in the Airport Extreme's "Internet" tab... where it is no longer in "Bridge Mode," but is now set to "Share a public IP address."

I don't know what that really means, but since it is working, I'm not messing with it!
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