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I am attempting to erase the drive in my old eMac (which was acting up). The superdrive (in my eMac) has been useless for a while, so I have it booted in target mode hooked up to my macbook. I'm using Disk Utilities on my Macbook to erase the boot drive from my eMac, without added security (zero-out, 7x or 35 x zero-out data), just a normal disc erase & format to mac os extended (journaled). After 1 & 1/2 hrs Disk Utilities is still barely at 1/2 cm of blue line, at the partitioning phase of the erase. I don't want to force quit Disk Utilities during this process & toast the HDD. Is it normal that erasing a drive via target mode is this long? I 've googled this & all I find is "how-to" instructions for erasing via T-mode, but nothing mentioning super-long erase time...

Anybody? (Thanks in advance )

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