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I have a 14" iBook G4 that recently had a display problem. I sent it off to Apple since it was still under warranty. They informed me that the entire support structure behind the screen had broken (snaped, came apart, etc.). They said it could only be by an outside force putting a large amount of pressure on the back part of the screen. I know that this did not happen as a result of my doing. And the computer has never left my control, yes in all of my owning it (10 months now), so i can eliminate that factor. According to Apple the entire display housing and screen should be replaced. It will cost me a pretty $800 to get this repaired. I'm pretty techno-savvy. I built my other to make it into the beast that it is. I'm not sure how well I could do on replacing a LCD screen and housing. Laptops don't seem like they would be my thing.

According to Apple if the screen issue is not repaired it will cause a complete dead spot in the screen and possible cracking of the screen.

Any stories of a similar expirence, or possible expirence with repair the screen would be welcome.

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