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Welcome to the forum. It may be that now that you have done a number of attempts at getting it started that it is time to start from the beginning.
Go into Sys Preferences > Network and select Airport in Show box. Remove all the networks in there.
Click on Network and hit minus - similar to pic below

Click for full size

Next do a factory reset on the Extreme and then plug ethernet cable into WAN port < circle of dots > and the other end into ethernet port of MBP.
When you power it on wait for it to pop up in Airport Utility - it can take a while.
Then set up a new network and set it to bridge mode. Pic below is similar to what u need;

Click for full size

Then connect it up as normal and the Network should show in the menubar as being available.
Have done this from memory as it is a while since i used Tiger and the older Extremes, so someone may need to add a step if i have missed something.
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