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A friend of Gochii's laughed at the fact he didn't use paper and pencil to write his songs and that his method of storing his rhymes and was risky. Gochii response simply was my mind is a computer. And the song "iGodChild" was born

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Lyrics to: iGodChild

[One day I'm writing song right and a friend of mine walks up on me cause he seen my mouth moving like I was talking to myself...He said yo "G" what you doin... I said yo I'm writing song right now...He kinda chuckled and was like how you writing a song right now without pencil and paper...I said well I've been doing it for qutie a while and I kinda store everything in my head...He said you keep doing that you gone start forgetin' stuff... I said well for the most part my mind like a computer]

Verse 1

[yeah, huh huh, G-chilie]

I go haywire you push the wrong the button

ya geek squad aint doin nothin

so don't press me

Left alone too long I might sleep homie or nod off

but rest assure I won't shut down or log off

My dogs are never nice

they put up a better fight

cause their bark is more serious than a megabyte

or a kilobyte, terabyte, or a gigabyte

and it's gone be your final choosing if you try to pick a fight

The hard drive let you feel the RAM

The hardware let you feel the brand

bet you magots a scram

And aint no comin'back

cause I double click then I run the app

pop in your face then I'm done with that

Look, I aint tryin to MAC yo I'm running thru the Windows cause you Microsoft

spit a verse and write you off

I hope you gettin' the Intel cause I might install

a new virus that a quickly minus y'all


Hook 2xTimes

ipod, iphone, imac

I-yall, I this I that

I Hard, I spit I Rap

iGodChild What y'all gone do with that

Verse 2


I'm speaking to the networks so dude just expect it

once the host gimme the signal homie I'm connected

after a quick search yo I'm a find ya address

you magots better have what I want or its a wrap kid

load up too slow yo and I'm already clicking

already switchin back to my first position

and thats back home

I can't afford to drag-on

I'm a laptop when the batt's hot I don't last long

and if we not compatible

I'm a catch an attitude

might spit the disk out maybe cause I'm mad you

liquids like apple juice those are my enemies

spill em on my chest yo and I'm a lose my energy

I maintain my memory but the techs gotta get it out

and get it out fast before I shut down and give out

and give up and don't restart

and even if you plug me in yo I won't recharge

Hook 2xtimes

ipod, iphone, imac

i-yall, I this I that

I Hard I spit I Rap

iGodChild What y'all gone do with that

[Computer Talking -Power Off]
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