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Here's what I found out:
  • There are free dial up internet providers all over north America.
  • It is possible to connect your mac to one of these, through a cellhpone via bluetooth. (check the Network settings)
  • Which essentially means free on-the-go internet EVERYWHERE. (at 56k, granted).

Here for example, you put in your area code, and you get a local number that provides free dial-up!


Problem is I have no idea how to set this up. I've connected my phone and my computer via bluetooth, have changed every setting imaginable, and it won't work. I keep getting:

could not open the communication device.
Can someone PLEASE walk me through this, step-by-step?

I'm on an LG phone, using Fido as my network (I don't know if this makes any difference).

I've just started an online business, which means that I spend a lot of time online; and I'm sick of being indoors. I would love to be able to go work in a forest somewhere by a stream. — I have no money at them moment for wireless internet service.

Thanks everyone!
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