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I searched before posting and came up with nothing so...

I have an 24" iMac that I purchased in late 2007 (model ID 7,1) with 2 gb (1x1) of memory. I want to upgrade to either 4 or 6 gb, but I am having some difficulty finding a good site that I can buy it from (other than Apple). I've checked out OWC and saw that they have a variety of different combinations for prices from $100-200. This is my first time upgrading my memory so I am not sure what to look for. I would like to keep the cost to $200 if I choose to get 6gb, but I also want to buy the correct one that will perform best.

Can anyone point me in any direction/website and recommend a specific combination to get? I use my computer for video/photo editing and encoding, word processing, web surfing, and basically everything else...and I always have multiple applications running at the same time. I appreciate any suggestions anyone can provide
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