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I did some work this evening. For some reason I was unable to get into safe mode and I pressed and held the Shift key hoping to go into safe mode.

After that I tried the option of a hardware test by inserting the #1 CD that came with the MBP and booting up using D. I ran the extensive hardware test and it found no errors.

Yet I have even pulled the power cord and battery and did a restart and am having the same problem. I even had a few times it would not even boot. It would get to the grey apple with the progress indicator below and would be like that for 15-20 mins, never going further so I may have even deeper issues.

Fortunately I had been doing hard drive backups using Super Duper so I connected that drive and did a boot from it. I was excited since it seemed to boot at first and then was very slow and appeared to freeze as the icons were appearing on the desktop. I have only tried this once but since that's the case I didn't think it was the internal hard drive that was the issue.

Then I decided to hook the external back up drive to the other MBP our family has. I then booted up and was shocked how well it ran. It was running on USB but I got straight into the OS and opened a few documents, programs, etc. and had absolutely no problems.

What would this mean?
I originally though after it didn't work on the MBP that maybe it was indeed a problem with the internal hard drive and there were likely corrupted files or so that then got backed up onto this backup drive when I did the last backup a couple weeks ago. Yet it works fine on the other MBP.

I actually did the hardware test after I attempted the boot from the hard drive on the MBP so can try another boot later in case something just went wrong that time but since it boots fine on another MBP I tend to think the hard drive is not the issue. The good news is maybe I won't have to do a complete clean install of Snow Leopard and then all data, etc.

Could it be some type of hardware problem with the MBP? The hardware test found nothing but could it be a memory problem or would it have caught a memory problem or a hard drive problem? I had to have the Apple Store put a new logic board in this computer about 6 months ago. It was a video problem and the computer had no video at all. Would a more serious problem relating to the logic board or something on it cause a problem like this?

Once the hardware test is done I will try to boot again from this hard drive. I was ready to check into replacing through warranty the new hard drive I put in but I'm not sure if that is the problem now.
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