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I've always been interested in Linux and it seems that the new version of Ubuntu (10.04) is pretty good. The last time I messed around with it is back in 2006, and it has come a LONG way to say the least.

Now I want to build an Ubuntu desktop to use as my main computer. I've been running it through VMWare Fusion and I haven't had too many problems at all on my iMac (Specs in sig). Unfortunately, I still need my iMac since the new Steam client is coming out for OS X and I must have some of my Steam games

I guess I don't mind running it in VMWare, but I do miss the excitement of building a new computer with a nice case and fans, and throwing a fresh clean OS on it. Anyone else been in the same dilemna? I feel though I have spent enough money on computers recently. Plus, I don't have room on my desk for another widescreen monitor. I'm not sure where I would put my iMac.

Ughh..why do I run into these computer decisions?
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