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Originally Posted by Wonderboynyc View Post
Hi, i am having trouble unprotecting a worksheet that i created. When i save the file and then try to execute i get a pop up message requesting the password. I initially password protected the worksheet while it was being created for safety reasons, however, now i need to remove it because it needs to be emailed and viewed by another party. How do i go about disabling the protection so when i email the file it can be executed and viewed without having to enter a password?
Can;t remember exactly, but I think in Preferences somewhere.

I would also like to know how to protect the cells within so when the file is viewed by a third party they are unable to revise the tables or use it for other purposes. After investing days and nights creating this worksheet i want to make it doesn't get copied or used for other purposes beyond my control.

I am using Excel 2008 version 12.2.4

Thank you
You can lock individual cells or even just the one worksheet to prevent changes. However, nothing will prevent someone from copying. Once you send it to someone you have no control over how it is used/misused. If VBA were available you could make it a little more difficult, but even then it would take rather extensive director-type programming in VBA to prevent copying.

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