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Got a 26 inch Mac desktop in December 2009. Now operating most recent Snow Leopard update, with parallels.

First indication of problems was a hang, then I restarted and it went into safe boot. Then I discovered that Mail wasn't working. On clicking INFO (for mail) I discovered that it had opened, but I assume been closed down instantly. Same with other apps and almost all the utilities. iCal, iChat, Photo Booth, Preview, Airport, Disk and network Diagnostics all open then shut down within 1 sec. Safari, Itunes, Parallels still work and iPhoto opens, but hangs. Been trying different things for two days, but no luck.

I also discovered that I couldn't install anything. I thought I was somehow still in safe boot mode, but no, I can still gain access to USB, CD/DVD (though I can't run anything, see utilities on the OS disk). Nothing from CD, or downloaded from the internet can be installed. I click the install button and it seems to work for about one second, then nothing happens.

I managed to open disk utilities using 32 bit and did a disk verify. Came back with green message "the volume Macintosh HD appears to be OK.

I don't think I've opened anything I shouldn't have and not seen anything suspicious. A colleague said some of my mail was getting sent back last week and the computer did seem to be slowing down. Surely this can't be what I think it is??? Ive tried installing antivirus software but as I said before nothing can be installed.

Any ideas?

Many thanks
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