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Imac i7 with Snow Leopard and all updates.

I use Hughesnet for my connection and with it comes a daily download limit of about 200 mb. Normally, that is far above my daily use and if I need to download some massive update, I can wait till 1am when the download isn't metered. If the daily limit is exceeded, the ISP drops your access speed to about dialup rate for 24 hours - in our jargon, you have been "Fapped".

In the last couple of months or so, every couple of weeks I suddenly find that I have exceeded the threshold and fallen into the fair access policy hole. Looking at the ISP supplied log, I always find that something has initiated a massive download of over 200mb. And so far I can't find what is causing it. Here is what I have looked at.

System updates have been set to manual.
The only apps that I have that approach 200 meg are Apple supplied Istuff (Iphoto, Imovie, Garageband, etc) which I assume fall under the system update control, and OpenOffice, Xcode, and Gimp - all of which are set to manual update only.
The download folder for Opera has nothing new, so I didn't accidently click on a full length movie download or the like. Besides, a couple of times it has happened when I was out of the house.
I have searched the entire Application and Utilities folders and my Home folder for every app that is over 100 meg and have come up with nothing that is set to auto update or has a new modification date.

My last option, if nobody comes up with a suggestion, is to drop back into Unix mode and write a script that catalogs every file on the system that is larger than about 100 meg and has a modification date that matches the download time. That will take a while since I will have to dust off the old script manuals.

Anyone got a suggestion on how to trap this thing?
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