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May 2004-current - I own a Toshiba Laptop

Jan. 2010 - I purchased a used iMac G5, and quit using my Toshiba laptop at that time.

A few days ago I purchased a iPod Touch, and a Macbook Pro.

I would like to transfer the following from my G5 & Toshiba to my new Macbook Pro. The G5 has now become solely my kid's computer.

-any documents (there won't be many)
-am I missing anything??

I did the "migration assistant" last night (took about 3 hours.) transferring data from the G5 to the new MacbookPro. I don't see any of my photos or documents on the laptop. I do not know what I am doing, and thinking maybe I want to revert back. Is that possible?

Can I just pick and choose what I want to transfer over to the new computer?


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