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O.K. i have a fairly complicated mac software problem. Before i go into detail, i'll tell you what i have on my computer. First, i have 2 Partitions: 1 20gb partition for windows xp, and a 140gb partition for mac OSX. I'm am running Snow Leopard.
A few days ago, i shut down my computer during the mac startup screen. Ever since then i've got this annoying progress bar that shows up every time i start up. The odd thing is, it never really finishes (it fills about 1/20th of the way before it dissappears and my computer goes to the login screen. When i log in, i am immediately plagued with problems. First, my firefox and safari say they can't "Connect to the Server" contrary to my wireless setting which insist i am connected. Second, sometimes my finder wont show up, leaving me with a blank desktop. After restarting again, i got the finder to work and quickly opened disk utility. When i tried to verify the mac partition, it told me my keys were out of order. I tried to start up from the mac Leopard install disk, but the repair disk was still greyed out.
I am considering reinstalling the mac and or making a backup and reinstalling. so now, i have a few questions:

1. My windows partition (with Bootcamp) is totally fine. I hae some Buy-to-Download programs that i can't redownload again on it. Is there any way to reinstall the mac side without reinstalling the windows side and still keep the windows partition bootable? also, will i have to reinstall boot camp?

2. Mac support and other people reccomend backing up my hard drive (with Time Machine or Manually) But if i back it up and reinstall that, wont that just reinstall the problem too?

3. One of the things that i would really like to try is to back up the whole hard drive. I have another external drive i could back up to, but if i back up the whole drive onto the portable one and erase my hard drive, How do i get the files back on my computer? and, more importantly, Will the mac and windows partitions be bootable?

Okay, i know this is a huge post
Thanks for any help in advance!
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