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Originally Posted by Lohengrin View Post
I would certainly opt to return the computer if the software has been pirated, irrespective the value of its legitimate equivalent; however, I would need to establish definitively that the software is an illegal copy/copies. "Volume license" appears when I click on Final Cut Pro but I am conscious of the fact that no disks or manuals were provided for any of a multitude of expensive (when legitimate) programs on the computer.

There is an Apple store nearby, would you think that it could determine the authenticity or otherwise based on the machine and the software serial numbers attributed to it?

Apologies for labouring the question but, if it transpires that the software is indeed legitimate, would the aforementioned programs on my Mac Pro outweigh the advantages of a new processor with a brand new iMac with no such software? In simple monetary terms, the answer suggests that the Mac Pro would be the preference of the two but that is my admittedly simplistic reasoning.
As far as the "Volume License" you see. When a user first installs a program which requires the some sort of serial number & user information to be entered...the serial number of course needs to be entered correctly & accurately. Sometimes then the installation also requires the user to enter their name...such as John Smith. Now if the person that installed this program instead of entering the name "John Smith" entered "Volume License"...the program doesn't know the difference.

So what I'm saying's possible that the "Volume License" term you see could simply be where the proper name of the registered owner of the software should appear. Of course I have absolutely no way of knowing this for sure...and maybe the person that sold you this computer has a "volume license" for the software that is installed.

But generally speaking if you have a computer with software that has a "volume license"...usually you have some sort of "longer term relationship" with the person (or business) that sold you the computer. What I mean is...having software with a volume license usually means that you are a student or professor at a school or university, or an employee of a business or corporation.

I don't know if this person that sold you the computer is only selling one computer or sells hundreds of computers. If they are selling hundreds of computers (or even 5, 10, 20, etc. computers)...I bet that many or all of them contain the same software! That's the way these guys work. Every computer they sell has pirated or illegal copies of expensive software on them...and they may be charging a little extra for the software. That's how these guys make extra money, and this is how these guys get people to buy their computers...instead of someone else selling the same computer WITHOUT the illegal software!

As far as going to your nearby Apple Store to see if the they can help you determine if the software is legitimate...well you could. But the chances are pretty high that the software is illegal...and they may REQUIRE you to delete all of this software before leaving the store. This may or may not be something you are ready to do at that very moment.

It's kind of like going to the local police station. What if you went to the Apple Store...and they scanned your computers serial number...checked their database...and found out that your computer is stolen...and they confiscated it??? Now you have NO computer & you are not going to get any sort of refund of your money!!! Is this a chance you want to take???

I'm not saying your computer is stolen...or that you should keep a stolen computer if you found out it is stolen. But do you REALLY want to take the chance of losing this computer AND also not getting your money back if the computer does turn out to be stolen???

This could sort of be a situation of..."Don't Ask Don't Tell"!

As far as your last question...if the software is it worth keeping the Mac Pro vs. getting a new iMac? The original 2006 Mac Pro is still a very very good and capable computer. If the software is legitimate, and this software is important to you for getting tasks done that you need to do...than I would say that keeping the Mac Pro would be the best option.

Here's one more thought concerning the software. I don't know how much you paid for this Mac Pro...and how much extra you paid for it due to the installed software. But don't you think that if the seller of this computer paid thousands of pounds or dollars for the software (and assuming that the software is legal)...don't you think that the seller would have had to:

- charge you a substantial amount extra for the software
- included the original install disks & associated serial numbers
- and included the manuals

Face the facts. There is a very very high probability that this software is illegal. You don't get something for nothing in this life! You can either choose to:

- keep the computer & erase the software
- keep the computer & do not erase the software
- return the computer to the seller (which I seriously doubt...unless the seller is a friend or acquaintance of some sort).

Good luck with your decision,

- Nick

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