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I would certainly opt to return the computer if the software has been pirated, irrespective the value of its legitimate equivalent; however, I would need to establish definitively that the software is an illegal copy/copies. "Volume license" appears when I click on Final Cut Pro but I am conscious of the fact that no disks or manuals were provided for any of a multitude of expensive (when legitimate) programs on the computer. Losing one or both items for one program may, at a pinch, be understandable but for all of them, unlikely in the extreme, especially considering these are the latest versions. There is an Apple store nearby, would you think that it could determine the authenticity or otherwise based on the machine and the software serial numbers attributed to it?

Apologies for labouring the question but, if it transpires that the software is indeed legitimate, would the aforementioned programs on my Mac Pro outweigh the advantages of a new processor with a brand new iMac with no such software? In simple monetary terms, the answer suggests that the Mac Pro would be the preference of the two but that is my admittedly simplistic reasoning.
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