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I have a Powerbook G4 that is really old, but very loved. When it wouldn't boot last week I took it to the geniuses at the Apple Store who told me that my hard drive would need to be replaced. I just got it back today and it is cleaner and faster than I ever remember, they even reinstalled 10.4 for me. Everything that was on the old hd is gone, which I expected. The real problem is, when I got home and turned it on I was put through the registration process and created an account but the account is a "standard" account with zero ability to install the software that I need.

I have read all about putting in the install discs and reinstalling them. I do not have the 10.4 discs, only 10.2 and without an admin password I can't even run them. Startup Manager doesn't read the disc and holding the "c" key on startup doesn't do anything either. My computer is old and the optical drive isn't very good.

I have also read about going into single user mode and creating a new account that way, all that did was create another standard account on my computer.

What can I do about this? Did the people at the apple store do something to restrict me from having admin access on my own computer? This is very frustrating.

Thank you in advance. Any suggestions or help is appreciated.
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