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So my hard drive bit it in my Macbook. It was replaced for free because Apple deemed a series of hard drives "not quite up to Apple's performance." When I got it back with Snow Leopard re-installed, they created a user account for me and one for my wife. These user accounts had stock login images (like a drum and a ball or something). Before it crashed, my wife and I both had taken photos with the built in camera. Upon reinstalling filed that I had backed up the night before (THANK GOD for the purchase of my new Western Digital 1TB external just two weeks before), the images stayed the same (drum and ball). However, just the other day on startup, my old login photo (falling asleep in front of the computer) magically reappeared as my login image??!! Where do these images live, because I can't find them. And stupid me, I changed the image again and now I can't find the "falling asleep" one. Could it be on either the WD drive or the carbon copy clone that I did 6 months ago? It would be good to know what directory to look in at least.


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