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I'll try Global Hotkeys now. I've tried the applekeys addon for Songbird, no go. It allows me to use the multimedia keys, but as I've said, I haven't found a single application that will let me remap those keys to somewhere else, or to my PowerMate. An option would be to modify this addon to listen not for the multimedia keys keystroke, but another. I have no idea how to do this though.

I've pressed the multimedia keys when trying to capture the keystroke in many programs, usually just starts my music without being captured.

In USB overdrive I have the following settings;

Device: Griffin PowerMate @ 0x2642000, Songbird (enabled)
Button 1 is mapped to Shift + Ctrl + P (with the control and shift selections ticked)
(No Key) selected in the dropdown.

In OS X Keyboard settings I have;
Application Shortcuts > > Pause (mapped to Shift + Ctrl + P)
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