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Originally Posted by Raz0rEdge View Post
Start with the basics first, especially from your question #2, it looks like you're new to programming in general.

It is common practice to use the .h (header) file to define structures, classes and function prototypes that you implemented in .c/.cpp (source) files. The source files will include your local header file along with others to accomplish it's task..

Before you try to run towards a GUI program, first spend some time learning a programming language. In Mac, programs are usually written in Objective-C, but C++ is also good for games.

To answer your last question, most professional game development houses use a game engine that they bought or have developed on their own. Think Unreal engine from ID, the Crysis engine from CryTek, and so on..

Ahhh ok. So it's probably best just to start from scratch and learn the basics of C++ first. I'm Reading C++ for Dummies which is good for beginners. Then I'll move into GUI. I've talked to some old work mares who are programmers (games) and they all write in C++. But I'd be very interested into developing some iPhone apps. Ofcourse this is in objective-c but my work mates have said "I don't have any experience with Objective-C but from what I understand
it's only a proprietary set of poorly thought out additions to C." so it's probably best for me to learn C++ first. I have found a SDK called DragonFireSDK Whig let's you use C++ but it translates to objective-c so it can run in iPhone os. It also comes with a tester to you can run the app from your pc.

Yeah I know about game engines. I used to work for a games development company - Rocksteady Studios in London. They recently released Batman Atkham Asylum and it was using Unreal3 from epic games.

Thanks for your advice! So the beat bet is to just start from scratch and learn all the basics then start GUI when I come to it.

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