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I have been looking at some books and tutorials on C++. I'm going to be doing a Bachelor of Engineering (Software) next year but I wanted to do some of my own projects before. Especially I'm looking at making some basic games. Just things like Pong, Tetris, mini golf ect. I just want to get some info now and then I'll look more into actually writting the code later.

1. Obviously I want to be making a GUI as it's a game... How do I do this? And how in the code do you add buttons and images? Is it similar to adding objects in HTML? What will I need to develop GUI? I already have C++ 2008 express.

2. In C++ 2008 express when I import a sample code it comes up with two tabs, one with "SampleCode.cpp" and the other tab called "SampleCode.h". The code is different in both but somehow I think relates to each other. Could you please explain this?

3. When people make a new game in C++, do they write the code from scratch? Or do they download like a template then change things to suit their app? And how are you meant to know how to add things like search features and menus and other things?

The main thing is.. How do I see a GUI from code I've written??

Thanks for any help.


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