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Originally Posted by TechieJustin View Post
Hiding your porn stash?
I suggest TrueCrypt.

It has an advantage over Apple's DiskImage in that it is cross platform, and you can create a dynamic file size volume. So as you add more stuff to the image, it gets bigger or smaller automatically.
That made me smile lol Not exactly. I like to think of myself as a writer of sorts; plus the photos of the misses.

Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
While the suggestions above are all worthwhile, generally speaking none of them should be necessary. Mac OS X is already set up as a multi-user-friendly system.

If you want to keep "your stuff" away from anyone else's "stuff," give them their own account (level to be determined by you). They can't see your stuff, you can't see theirs.

Should you need any further protection than that (for example you might leave the computer unattended), set a screensaver that's activated by a hot corner, and requires a password to stop. Drag your mouse to the hot corner every time you leave your desk.

Between using your account strictly for your own use and protecting your privacy with the secure screensaver, I can't see where one would need to go through all this other encryption/hidden folder business, which IME usually ends badly anyway.
Thankfully I share this MBP with NO ONE. Thank you however.

Originally Posted by DarkestRitual View Post
Also, if you want to add a space to a directory name, while in the terminal you have to tell unix that the next space doesn't mean its the end of a command. To do this, simply put a \ before all spaces.


cd ~/Pictures/Vacation\ Photos/Europe
Very useful, I must visit Europe. Thanks again.

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