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Hi guys,

I have a problem I was really hoping someone would know a quick fix to, or if there was anyone out there that was interested in helping.

Basically, I have a Griffin PowerMate volume control, and I use Songbird, not iTunes. I know this issue would be solved by switching to iTunes, but I actually can't. What I want is for the click on the PowerMate to behave as if I'd clicked the play/pause multimedia key on my MBP.

I have a few avenues I've tried, but have come up against a wall, being limited by my own knowledge. Forgive me if I get some terminology wrong here.

Songbird doesn't have global hotkeys, so I can't map it to that. The Griffin drivers don't allow me to assign it to the multimedia buttons. None of the re-mapping software appears to be able to re-map the multimedia keys, even if they claim they can.

I've tried using AppleScript to send trigger the Songbird play/pause button (spacebar), with this:

tell application "Songbird" to keystroke " "
But am given this error message;

error "Songbird got an error: Canít get keystroke \" \"." number -1728 from keystroke " "
I'm not sure what the issue is, one of you may be able to help there. I've also tried using the Key Code 32, but I can't seem to compile it (I'm guessing my syntax is wrong).

Apart from that here are my current options, and I was wondering if anyone could advise me of a best way to go, or if anyone knows of a solution.

A: Keep trying to get the AS to work (though Songbird has limited AS functionality)
B: Keep trying to figure out a way of mapping the Play / Pause button to another key.
C: Try and modify the mmkeys plugin for Songbird to allow me to re-specifiy the trigger for it's play/pause.

Does anyone have any advice they can give? I know this is a huge one, I also know there are some very clever people on here with wicked powerful OS X voodoo

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