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I have been using an adobe application for a long time which... lets just say i shouldnt have. I know many frown upon this but i am a photography student without lot of cash. If I did have the money i would gladly pay as a <3 adobe and i plan to as soon as i start my proffesional career.

I accidentally clicked allow instead of deny to send information via little snitch and now i cannot use the software as it constantly believes i have over stayed my 30 day free welcome and the serials no's no longer work.

Question *1 - Is there any way I can fix this easily without reformatting or reinstalling OSX
Question *2 - If I have to reinstall OSX will it fix this problem and will i still retain all of the other programs installed and will they work as they did before or will it have to be a full reformat?
Question *3 - Could using a different serial no be a simple answer to this problem?
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