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Well these are the things the ipad can do for you. Not that you will use all of these features. But they are there for you.

1. Portable gaming device. But you said you want to see what else it can do too.

2. Portable light work station. With The iwork suite of apps plus many 3rd party apps you can get some serious work done on the ipad. Like letters, keynote presentations, spread sheets, and other things. It will not replace an imac, but for a portable device it's pretty good.

3. Portable entertainment device. Music, internet, video, books (In the US). ALl can be done with the ipad. And I'm sure it'd be even fun with a friend. I've watched a few movies on a PC laptop with a friend and it was nice but I think with the ipad it'd be even cooler. Sure it's no TV but for palces where tv is not available it's a nice solution.

4. As a portable remote desktop client. This topic here shows a bloke remotly accessing his windows desktop using VNC and SSH on his ipad. And he got a lot of work done with it that way. And he said it's a breeze to use VNC/SSH via the ipad to access your desktops remotely.

5. Many future potential uses for the ipad could include:
Your text book device - many education providers liek universities are seriously looking into having all of their student textbooks on ibooks.

Postal service/concierge/executive/waiter tablet. The ipad with the right software could replace all of the current cheap tablets these professions use. And from what I've read a lot of companies are seriously looking into this.

Device manual - One car manufacturer is not giving a paper copy of the a car's manual to their customers. They are giving (within the price of the car I'm sure) an ipad with the car's manual on it to their customers. And I'm sure many high end products like buildings and cars will in the future only have electronic documentation via products such as the ipad.

And there is probably more still.


But if you want to really justify the purchase of an ipad, just look at your daily habits. Is there any times you say now I with I had a device with me when I'm out of the house to do X things. And if yes and you'd do those X things a lot then an ipad would probably be for you. Just remember what the ipad's limitations are before you purchase it.

And if you don't have need for a portable device. Then you have to think would having an ipad make my life easier or more enjoyable. Ad the iapd video said "you don't fit yourself around the ipad, the ipad fits around you. So if you think the ipad would make your life easier or more enjoyable by having all that content at your fingertips then sure buy it.

But if you anwered no to both of those questions or you think you'd use it one then it'd be in the cupboard collecting dust for 11 months a year only taken out like once a year then the ipad is probably not for you.
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