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Not wanting to sound facetious, but truly wanting to know what uses people are making of the ipad beyond gaming. I thinking of getting the 32gb 3G version.

I tried an ipad today at the Apple store and found it a lot of fun to play with. Fast and so easy to use. A fingerprint magnet of course. It's so much fun to toy with, I want to be able to justify buying it. I tried typing with it and found the keyboard letter placement to be awkward and differently oriented than on my MBP. Perhaps that would just take some time to get acclimated with. Also, it seems to be a bit heavy, but I really don't want to say anything negative about it.

Anyway, any creative uses you've made with the ipad so far would help in justifying a purchase. I know that sounds funny - buying something I don't really need, but I'm open to it anyway.

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