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bundle of thanks for answering after going through my bad explanation as i am newbie to Mac

Let me explain in steps

i have opened lot of applications like firefox, zimbra thunderbird etc and browsing on my MacBook Pro

the hard disk size shows me 80GB free(Available)

after some time the hard disk sound appears that some scanning application is being launched but actually no scanning and/or other low level application like that is launched
(i can not say about background applications etc)

the Hard Disk Available Size starts reducing enormously and after considerable reduction like Hard Disk Icon on Desktop shows 60GB free

the running applications do not respond any more but still i can move the cursor

after some seconds the system hangs leaving the cursor unmovable

the caps lock works but there is no response by pressing other function keys

and i have to shut down manually by pressing the power button

sorry i n advance still i am not able to convey what i want

any how i am really thankful for your guidance

Best Regards
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